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GCE-LTER Project News

January 2022 Calendar

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New or Updated Publications

01/18/2022 –
Temmink, R.J., Christianen, M., Fivash, G.S., Angelini, C., Bostrom, C., Didderen, K., Engel, S.M., Esteban, N., Gaeckle, J.L., Gagnon, K., Govers, L.L., Infantes, E., van Katwijk, M.M., Kipson, S., Lamers, L., Lengkeek, W., Silliman, B.R., van Tussenbroek, B.I., Unsworth, R.K.F., Yaakub, S.M., Bouma, T.J. and van der Heide, T. 2020. Mimicry of emergent traits amplifies coastal restoration success. Nature Communications. (DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-17438-4)
01/18/2022 –
Renzi, J.J., He, Q. and Silliman, B.R. 2019. Harnessing positive species interactions to enhance coastal wetland restoration. Frontiers in Marine Science. (DOI: 10.3389/fevo.2019.00131)
01/18/2022 –
Reeves, S.E., Renzi, J.J., Fobert, E.K., Silliman, B.R., Hancock, B. and Gillies, C.L. 2020. Facilitating better outcomes: How positive species interactions can improve oyster reef restoration. Frontiers in Marine Science. (DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2020.00656)

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Latest Data Releases

03/11/2021 – Data Release

Historic Palmer Drought Severity Index data sets and plots for Georgia Division 9 have been updated in the GCE Data Portal to cover the period of January 1895 to February 2021. These indices are useful for characterizing the timing and severity of drought events in the long-term climate record. The data were downloaded from NOAA and converted into tabular data sets with decoded state and date columns to simplify filtering, plotting and analysis. More information about these indices and data sets is available here.

03/02/2021 – Data Release

Provisional CTD data from the GCE Mini-Cruises are now processed and online.  https://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/private/app/ctd_data.asp

06/19/2020 – Data Release

Peter Hawman in Deepak Mishra's lab submitted four data sets including eddy covariance analysis from the GCE-LTER flux tower and the Mishra flux tower at the Grand Bay NERR site in Mississippi as well as leaf area index data from the sites:

MSH-GCET-2006: Eddy covariance 30-minute CO2 fluxes with accompanying biophysical variables from the GCE-LTER flux tower site from December 2018 to January 2020

MSH-NASA-2006: Eddy covariance 30-minute CO2 fluxes with accompanying biophysical variables from the Grand Bay, Mississippi flux tower site from March 2018 to January 2019

PLT-NASA-2006a: Leaf area index for Spartina alterniflora near the GCE-LTER Flux Tower in 2018 and 2019

PLT-NASA-2006b: Leaf area index and above ground biomass for Juncus roemerianus in the Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve from 2015 to 2019

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Latest File Uploads

01/06/2022 – Presentation (GCE only)
Science Updates from the GCE Annual Meeting - January 5, 2022 (details)

12/03/2021 – Document
GCE Project Bylaws (amended 11 Jan 2017) - Public version (details)

11/18/2021 – Spreadsheet (GCE only)
Updated Flux Tower Maintenance Log Submission (details)

11/10/2021 – Spreadsheet (GCE only)
Maintenance log for the GCE Flux Tower (details)

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GCE Project Announcements

01/13/2022 – Monitoring Program

The GCE Eddy Covariance Flux Tower was taken down this week to repair and replace corroded tower infrastructure components and remove some instruments for recalibration. The new tower is now in place, but work wiring up sensors will continue into next week. Reporting of standard meteorological data should resume by the end of next week, barring unforeseen problems; however, the LiCOR CO2 analyzer will be offline for the next month or so during factory servicing, so flux measurements will not be available until the equipment is returned and reinstalled.

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(contact Wade Sheldon for additional information)
01/09/2022 – Research News

The high "King" tides that we had recently allowed wrack to move up quite high into the marsh. At marsh landing in January 2022 I saw packets of wrack in Juncus and in Borrichia stands--something that rarely happens. Although most wrack ends up at the "normal" high tide mark, occasional events like these can also push it into very high habitats.

Wrack in Juncus stand at Marsh Landing January 2022

(contact Steve Pennings for additional information)
12/22/2021 – Field Program News

20 years in the marsh is a long time. The original SET's are falling apart so it time to replace them. Dontrece Smith, John Williams, Elise Diehl, and Loris Sutter spent time replacing the original (pipe) SET's with new (rod) SET's at sites 4 (Meridian) and 6 (Dean Creek). Hopefully they will last 20 more years, enough to take you into GCE XIII. 

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(contact Chris Craft for additional information)
12/21/2021 – Personnel News

Alyssa will be in residence at UGAMI until March. She's running the winter Spartina experiment under the direction of Jessica O'Connell. Alyssa is a MS student in the Pennings laboratory, and her thesis work looks at competitive interactions between mangroves and salt marsh vegetation in Texas.

Alyssa Hockaday

(contact Steve Pennings for additional information)
12/20/2021 – Research News

GCE researcher Jessica O'Connell is directing an experiment in which we're growing Spartina aquaponically (roots in water) to determine how over-wintering plants respond to different levels of "soil" temperature, salinity and nutrients. Graduate student Alyssa Hockaday (Pennings lab) is running the experiment day to day at Sapelo. The greenhouse was built from a kit by our handy GCE technicians, and will be available in the future for other projects.

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(contact Steve Pennings for additional information)
11/30/2021 – Outreach News

Katie Holliday and her middle school students do many of their science activities in a nearby salt marsh and on a segment of the beach. Katie teaches science at the Tybee Island Maritime Academy on Tybee Island near Savannah. She participated in the GCE-LTER SCHOOLYARD program in the 2014 and 2021 Schoolyard sessions. Her experiences at UGAMI with the scientists in the field afforded her great insight into teaching long term research to her students. She now replicates many of those activities into her own long-term science projects.

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(contact Venetia Butler for additional information)

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