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GCE-LTER Project News

June 2022 Calendar

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New or Updated Publications

05/12/2022 –
Medeiros, P.M. 2022. The effects of hurricanes and storms on the composition of dissolved organic matter in a southeastern U.S. estuary. Frontiers in Marine Science. 9:855720. (DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2022.855720)
05/09/2022 –
Liu, Q., Nishibori, N. and Hollibaugh, J.T. 2022. Sources of polyamines in coastal waters and their links to phytoplankton. Marine Chemistry. 242. (DOI: 10.1016/j.marchem.2022.104121)
05/05/2022 –
Garland, C.J., Thompson, V.D., Sanger, M., Smith, K.Y., Andrus, C.F., Lawres, N.R., Napora, K., Colaninno, C.E., Compton, J.M., Jones, S., Hadden, C.S., Cherkinsky, A., Maddox, T., Deng, Y.-T., Lulewicz, I.H. and Parsons, L. 2022. A Multi-proxy assessment of the impact of environmental instability on Late Holocene (4500-3800 BP) Native American villages of the Georgia Coast. PLOS One. (DOI: https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0258979)

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Latest Data Releases

06/17/2022 – Data Release

The data set 'Monthly Vegetation and Invertebrate Population Monitoring near the Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER Flux Tower' has been updated to include data through December 2021.

The data are available in GCE data catalog:  https://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/public/app/dataset_details.asp?accession=PLT-GCEM-1610

03/11/2021 – Data Release

Historic Palmer Drought Severity Index data sets and plots for Georgia Division 9 have been updated in the GCE Data Portal to cover the period of January 1895 to February 2021. These indices are useful for characterizing the timing and severity of drought events in the long-term climate record. The data were downloaded from NOAA and converted into tabular data sets with decoded state and date columns to simplify filtering, plotting and analysis. More information about these indices and data sets is available here.

03/02/2021 – Data Release

Provisional CTD data from the GCE Mini-Cruises are now processed and online.  https://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/private/app/ctd_data.asp

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Latest File Uploads

06/24/2022 – Photograph
Megabalanus coccopoma photograph (details)

06/16/2022 – Document
Flux Tower Monthly Vegetation Monitoring Protocol (details)

04/27/2022 – Other
Maintenance log for the GCE Flux Tower (details)

04/25/2022 – Document
Sapelo Island Orientation Packet (details)

04/21/2022 – Spreadsheet (GCE only)
Sampling log for the April 2022 GCE monitoring cruise (14 April, 2022) (details)

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GCE Project Announcements

06/21/2022 – Field Program News

GCE field vests can be borrowed from the GCE technician office. These are especially helpful when working off island, as they will make you look more official, which may make bystanders less suspicious about what you're up to. The vests are a comfortable, lightweight mesh fabric, so they won't make you hot, even in the heat of summer. And the cheerful lime green color will make a real fashion statement, whether in the marsh or at two-way fish camp!

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(contact Steve Pennings for additional information)
06/10/2022 – Research News

The GCE is participating in DRAGNet, a global, distributed experiment looking at recovery from disturbance. GA salt marshes are strongly affected by the DRAGNet disturbance (roto-tilling) and show very little recovery after one year. The plots will be disturbed three years in a row, after which we'll follow recovery. To date, the experiment has been curated by excellent undergraduate Zahrria Johnson from the University of Houston.

Zahrria at DRAGNet June 2022

(contact Steve Pennings for additional information)
06/06/2022 – LTER News

This summer, the LTER field crew has welcomed two interns. Gabby Gagnon and Ava Larson are assisting with diverse projects and gaining valuable experience.

2022 GCE LTER Summer Interns: Gabby and Ava

(contact John Williams for additional information)
06/01/2022 – Field Program News

The Pennings lab is in residence at Sapelo for the summer. Returning students Hunter Graham and Zahrria Johnson are running the DRAGNet and Disturbance across Elevation experiments.

Pennings lab 2022. Steve, Hunter and Zahrria

(contact Steve Pennings for additional information)
05/23/2022 – Software Release

We are pleased to announce that version 3.9.10 of the GCE Data Toolbox for MATLAB is now available for download. This is a significant update that includes a number of enhancements and bugfixes added since the March 2019 release, including plotting and GUI dialog updates to improve support for MATLAB 2021a and later, support for retrieving historic water level and tide prediction data from NOAA and parsing data downloaded from NEON, improved EML metadata management features and more options for managing automated data harvests.

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(contact Wade Sheldon for additional information)
05/10/2022 – Personnel News

Research Professional, Georgia Coastal Ecosystems Long Term Ecological Research Program

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(contact Steve Pennings for additional information)

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