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GCE Marsh Sampling Sites

Study Area Map (click on sites to view details)  

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Primary Sampling Sites

GCE1 (Eulonia)

GCE2 (Four Mile Island)

GCE3 (North Sapelo)

GCE4 (Meridian)

GCE5 (Folly River)

GCE6 (Dean Creek)

GCE7 (Carrs Island)

GCE8 (Alligator Creek)

GCE9 (Rockdedundy Island)

GCE10 (Hunt Camp)

GCE11 (Tidal Forest)

Auxiliary Sites

ML (Marsh Landing)

UGAMI (UGA Marine Institute)

SALTEx (SALTEx Research Site)

GCE_Flux (GCE Flux Tower Research Site)

ALT-BASIN (Altamaha River Basin - upriver sites in Altamaha watershed not shown on map)


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