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Sampling Site GCE3 (North Sapelo)

Site Description  

Name: North Sapelo

Location: Sapelo Island, Georgia, USA

Description: High salinity marsh/Sapelo Sound site. Few or no small creeks, but one large creek is easily accessed. Further upstream upland drainage is affected by culvert at Reynolds' duck pond. Upland is heavily forested. Hydrographic sonde is deployed adjacent to this site attached to a channel marker (under U.S. Coast Guard permit). A huge mud flat is present at the northern tip of Sapelo Island.

Access Information: Access by car from the perimeter road on Sapelo (may be difficult in the rainy season) or by boat from McCloy Creek (1-1.5 hours one way from Marsh landing). (Ownership: Georgia DNR; adjacent Blackbeard Island is owned by the USFWS)

Restrictions: Avoid accessing site during managed hunts on Sapelo, usually held October-December (contact Dorset Hurley at 912-485-2251 or UGAMI for hunt dates).

Vegetation: Short and tall Spartina alterniflora, very small amounts of Juncus.

Fauna: Littoraria present.

Site Map
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Site Geographic Description

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Rectangular Bounding Box Coordinates:

Corner Latitude, Longitude (deg)


31.515188, -81.233249
31.546868, -81.233249
31.546868, -81.195661
31.515188, -81.195661

Polygon Area:  554.74 hectares

Polygon Center:  31.534771, -81.215763

Polygon Coordinates:

(not displayed)


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