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Active GCE Personnel

Project Administrators and Managers
Merryl AlberProject Director
Steve PenningsField Director
Adam SappInformation Manager
Project Investigators
Clark AlexanderMarine Geology
Christine AngeliniCommunity Ecology
Adrian BurdBiological Oceanography/Modeling
Jeb ByersMarine Community and Population Ecology
Wei-Jun CaiChemical Oceanography
Renato CastelaoPhysical Oceanography
Chris CraftWetlands Ecology and Soils
Daniela Di IorioPhysical Oceanography
Nik HeynenPolitical Ecology
Christine HladikRemote Sensing and Landscape Ecology
Patricia MedeirosOrganic and Isotope Geochemistry
Christof MeileBiogeochemical Modeling
Deepak MishraRemote Sensing
Jessica O'ConnellWetland Plant Ecology and Remote Sensing
Craig OsenbergEcology and Ecophysiology
John SchallesRemote Sensing
Brian SillimanCommunity Ecology, Intertidal Ecology
Amanda SpivakMarine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Victor ThompsonAnthropology
Alicia WilsonGroundwater Hydrology
Affiliated Investigators
David CottenRemote Sensing
Dean HardyHuman-Environment Geography
Chris HintzChemical Oceanography
Brian HopkinsonMarine Ecophysiology
Chuck HopkinsonMicrobial Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Zoe HughesCoastal Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport
Joel KostkaMarine Microbiology
Joe Schubauer-BeriganMicrobial Biogeochemistry and Ecology
Lori SutterTidal Marsh Ecology
John WaresBiodiversity, Biogeography, Conservation
Project Staff
Carey GarlandPost-doctoral Associate (Thompson)
Io HennessyAdministrative Assistant (Alber)
Emily PaceSapelo Field Technician
Emlyn ResetaritsPost-doctoral Associate (Byers)
Mike RobinsonGIS Specialist (Alexander)
Wade SheldonIM System Administrator/Developer
Joan SheldonData Analyst and Modeler
CJ SidesSapelo Field Technician
Carter SmithPost-doctoral Associate (Silliman)
Claudia VenhermResearch Professional (Alexander)
John WilliamsSapelo Field Research Coordinator
Zhicheng YangPost-doctoral Associate (Alber/Alexander)
Shelby ZieglerPost-doctoral Associate (Byers)
Graduate Students
Tianjiao AdamsPennings Ph.D. Student
Mitchelle AgonsiCastelao Ph.D. Student
Kody BaroneO'Connell M.S. Student
Jazlyn BeeckAlexander M.S. Student
Kadir BiceMeile Ph.D. Student
Emanuella Bosompemaa ObengHladik M.S. Student
David de la MaterSilliman M.S. Student
Gbenga DemehinOsenberg M.S. Student
M.B. FlemingSutter M.S. Student
Britany GuoSpivak Ph.D. Student
Peter HawmanMishra Ph.D. Student
Eamon HennessyPennings Ph.D. Student
Alyssa HockadayPennings M.S. Student
Olivia HurleyCraft M.S. Student
Asa JulienMishra M.S. Student
Kori LugarPennings M.S. Student
Tyler LynnAlber/Mishra Ph.D. Student
Kalpana MadushaniPennings Ph.D. Student
Caroline NarronMishra Ph.D. Student
Camilla NivisonByers Ph.D. Student
Paul OkrahMeile M.S. Student
Arman OliazadehMishra Ph.D. Student
Abiodun OmoniyiHladik M.S. Student
Brett ParbusThompson M.S. Student
Matt PierceByers Ph.D. Student - Graduate Student Rep.
Jennifer RuizPennings M.S. Student
Kyle RunionO'Connell Ph.D. Student
Rajneesh SharmaMishra Ph.D. Student
Jacob SimonHopkinson Ph.D. Student
Madeleine ThompsonCraft M.S. Student
Giovanna UtsumiMedeiros Ph.D. Student
Stephanie ValdezSilliman Ph.D. Student
Camille VerendiaCraft M.S. Student
Xin YanMishra Ph.D. Student
Venetia ButlerSchoolyard LTER Coordinator Emeritus
Rachel GuySINERR Research Coordinator (SINERR)
Tom HancockUGAMI Assistant Director for Academics (UGAMI)
Fred HaySapelo Island Manager, GA DNR
Ellen HerbertSALTEx Collaborator (Ducks Unlimited)
Nick MaciasUGAMI Assistant Director for Operations (UGAMI)
Margaret MyszewskiGCRC Program Coordinator (GCRC)
Jack SandowAltamaha Water Quality Consultant
Natalie SchreyLaboratory Safety Manager (UGAMI)
Eileen StoneSchoolyard LTER Coordinator

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