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Data set titled 'Wrack classification data based on UAV imagery from Dean Creek on Sapelo Island, GA' was added to the GCE data catalog (full article) Data Release Sep 01, 2023
Data set titled 'Pred-Ex: Long Term Salt Marsh Predator Exclusion Experiment Conducted at Sapelo Island, GA' was added to the GCE data catalog (full article) Data Release Sep 01, 2023
GCE-LTER interns (full article) Announcement Aug 02, 2023
2023 GCE Schoolyard Workshop (full article) Education News Jul 25, 2023
NOAA historical drought index data sets revised through June 2023 (full article) Data Release Jul 24, 2023
Marsh Landing weather station transmitting data intermittently (resolved 7/24) (full article) Monitoring Program Jul 19, 2023
Monitoring the disturbance across salinity experiment (full article) Research News Jul 19, 2023
Field Notes from Interns Clara and Shawna (full article) Field Program News Jul 10, 2023
Third year of disturbance for DRAGNET (full article) Field Program News Jul 06, 2023
Working up the Altamaha (full article) Research News Jun 29, 2023
New fiddler crab species increasingly present in the GCE domain (full article) Monitoring Program Jun 27, 2023
Meet GCE intern Grace Gibbs (full article) Personnel News Jun 27, 2023
Saying goodbye to Jacob (full article) Personnel News Jun 21, 2023
Pennings lab to Sapelo (full article) Field Program News Jun 05, 2023
Welcome GCE Field Crew Interns! (full article) Announcement Jun 02, 2023

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