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GCE field vests (full article) Field Program News Jun 21, 2022
Flux Tower Vegetation and Invertebrate Population Monitoring data set has been updated through 2021 (full article) Data Release Jun 17, 2022
One year after tilling, little recovery in DRAGNet (full article) Research News Jun 10, 2022
GCE LTER Summer Field Interns (full article) LTER News Jun 06, 2022
Pennings field lab arrived at Sapelo (full article) Field Program News Jun 01, 2022
Version 3.9.10 of the GCE Data Toolbox for MATLAB is now available for download (full article) Software Release May 23, 2022
Research Professional, Georgia Coastal Ecosystems Long Term Ecological Research Program (full article) Personnel News May 10, 2022
Congratulations to Victor Thompson on receiving a UGA Distinguished Research Professor award. (full article) Award Apr 20, 2022
The GCE LTER is searching for a technician (full article) Employment Mar 21, 2022
Setting up the disturbance across elevation experiment (full article) Research News Mar 18, 2022
The return of big Jon (full article) Sapelo News Mar 18, 2022
Scientist-in-Residence at UGAMI (full article) Announcement Feb 18, 2022
GCE scientists contribute to synthesis of organic matter dynamics across LTER sites. (full article) Publication News Feb 03, 2022
GCE now has a second PhenoCam site in a Spartina-Juncus transition zone (full article) Monitoring Program Feb 02, 2022
Flux Tower maintenance (full article) Monitoring Program Jan 13, 2022

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