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GCE LTER intern positions now accepting applications (full article) Announcement Feb 06, 2023
Improved WiFi coverage for residential areas at UGAMI (full article) GCE IT News Jan 22, 2023
Assistant Director for Academics at the UGA Marine Institute on Sapelo Island (full article) Announcement Jan 09, 2023
GCE annual meeting January 2023 a great success! (full article) Meeting Jan 07, 2023
Craft, C.B. Tidal Marsh Restoration on Sapelo Island: A Legacy of R.J. Reynolds, Jr., Eugene Odum and the University of Georgia Marine Institute. 2022. Ecological Engineering. https//doi.org/10.1016/J.ecoeng.2022.106875. (full article) Publication News Jan 02, 2023
Get your Jacob tee shirt for Christmas! (full article) Announcement Dec 07, 2022
The entire GCE website now requires SSL encryption for access (full article) IM News Dec 07, 2022
Field Notes (full article) Field Program News Dec 01, 2022
Stock up on Jacob in time for Christmas (full article) Education News Nov 19, 2022
Craft, C.B., S. Li, and T. Xie. 2022. From the headwaters to the sea: The role of riparian, alluvial, and tidal wetlands to filter nutrients and ameliorate eutrophication. River, 1-9. https://doi.org/10.1002.rvr2.20. (full article) Publication News Nov 16, 2022
Tropical Storm Nicole Nov 10 Update (full article) Sapelo News Nov 11, 2022
Tropical Storm Nicole arrives at Sapelo, prompting ferry schedule changes (full article) Coastal News Nov 10, 2022
Introducing Laura Hollander (full article) Personnel News Nov 02, 2022
Fall monitoring finds tall plants (full article) Field Program News Oct 20, 2022
Shifting sands at Nannygoat Beach (full article) Sapelo News Oct 20, 2022

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