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Great lockdown reading: The Adventures of Jacob the Technician, in print or kindle version (full article) Publication News Mar 21, 2020
Low tide salinity now below 5 PSU at Hudson Creek and the Marsh Landing dock (full article) Monitoring Program Mar 12, 2020
Altamaha River flow continues to rise (full article) Monitoring Program Feb 29, 2020
Altamaha River flow ramping up rapidly after flooding rains in north Georgia (full article) Monitoring Program Feb 18, 2020
SINERR Marsh Landing meteorological station back online (full article) Monitoring Program Feb 17, 2020
GCE drone data are now accessible from UGA (full article) IM News Feb 13, 2020
2020 Summer Undergraduate Internships (full article) Announcement Feb 07, 2020
A new UGAMI CreekCam is now installed and operating (full article) UGAMI News Feb 01, 2020
ORCID information is requested for all active GCE participants to support new LTER metadata and LNCO initiatives (full article) IM News Jan 23, 2020
GCE drone operations are becoming routine (full article) Research News Jan 20, 2020
SINERR Marsh Landing meteorological station offline due to communication problems (full article) Monitoring Program Dec 17, 2019
HADCP velocity plots are being displayed in near real-time on the GCE website (full article) Website Addition Oct 25, 2019
Field Research Technician, Georgia Coastal Ecosystems Long Term Ecological Research Project (full article) Employment Oct 22, 2019
Fall monitoring 2019 wrapping up (full article) Monitoring Program Oct 11, 2019
New publication based on fall monitoring data (full article) Publication News Oct 07, 2019

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