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Sampling Site SALTEx (SALTEx Research Site)

Site Description  

Name: SALTEx Research Site

Location: Champney Island, Georgia, USA

Description: SALTEX (Seawater Addition Long Term Experiment) is a long-term field experiment initiated by GCE-LTER in 2011 in a Zizaniopsis marsh along the Altamaha River. Due to the unprecedented spatial and temporal scale of this experiment, we anticipate that it will generate new insights into how low-salinity tidal marshes respond to saltwater intrusion. We are increasing porewater salinity in replicated plots from the ambient salinity of <0.5 to a target range of 5–8 in press treatments to simulate sea level rise and episodic (pulse) treatments with salinities elevated temporarily to simulate drought. See the project description at http://gce-lter.marsci.uga.edu/public/app/send_project_eml.asp?id=73 for more information.

Access Information: By land (Ownership: The Nature Conservancy)

Restrictions: Access to the SALTEx boardwalk is restricted to authorized GCE-LTER research personnel

Vegetation: Zizaniopsis, Spartina cynosuroides

Site Map
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Site Geographic Description

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Rectangular Bounding Box Coordinates:

Corner Latitude, Longitude (deg)


31.338952, -81.467197
31.339834, -81.467197
31.339834, -81.466189
31.338952, -81.466189

Polygon Area:  .47 hectares

Polygon Center:  31.339398, -81.466683

Polygon Coordinates:

(not displayed)


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