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Sampling Site GCE2 (Four Mile Island)

Site Description  

Name: Four Mile Island

Location: Georgia, USA

Description: Low salt marsh/estuary site encompassing the southwestern end of Four Mile Island and the Sapelo River near Sapelo Sound. The large island is totally marsh, with no upland, and no development. Nearby areas, like "Sutherland Bluff", are developing with golf courses. A hydrographic sonde is deployed within this site attached to channel marker 4 (under U.S. Coast Guard permit). Salinity regime is similar to seawater.

Access Information: A deep channel allows easy boat access to the south end near Four Mile Point on oyster berms. (Ownership: Roger Dewitt)

Vegetation: Spartina alterniflora all tall or medium.

Fauna: Low, but nonzero, densities of Littoraria.

Site Map
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Site Geographic Description

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Rectangular Bounding Box Coordinates:

Corner Latitude, Longitude (deg)


31.533604, -81.318961
31.552554, -81.318961
31.552554, -81.292844
31.533604, -81.292844

Polygon Area:  267.27 hectares

Polygon Center:  31.542803, -81.304664

Polygon Coordinates:

(not displayed)


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