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Jacob Shalack, Sapelo Field Research Coordinator / Marine Institute Manager

Jacob Shalack

GCE Committees:

GCE Predator Exclusion Experiment Committee, GCE Disturbance Committee, GCE Flux Tower Committee, High Marsh Experiment Committee, Salinity Monitoring Committee

Contact Information:

Primary Organization:  University of Georgia Marine Institute

Mailing Address:

Jacob Shalack
University of Georgia Marine Institute
Sapelo Island, Georgia 31327

Office Phone:  (912) 485-2221 ext. 2204

FAX Number:  (912) 485-2133

E-Mail:  shalack@uga.edu

GCE Data Sets:

PLT-IRMA-2001 (Repeat photography of tidal fresh forest trees along the salinity gradient of the Altamaha River, GA)

POR-IRMA-2001 (Porewater measurements of dissolved nutrients (ammonia, nitrate/nitrite, phosphate) from core monitoring sites in the GCE-LTER domain following hurricane Irma from October 2017 to October 2018.)

PLT-GCEM-1811a (Fall 2018 plant monitoring survey -- shoot height and flowering status of plants in permanent plots at GCE sampling sites 1-10)

INV-GCEM-1809 (Fall 2017 crab population monitoring: mid-marsh and creek bank abundance based on crab hole counts at GCE marsh, monitoring sites 1-10)

INV-GCEM-1807 (Mollusc population abundance monitoring: Fall 2017 mid-marsh and creekbank infaunal and epifaunal mollusc abundance based on collections from GCE marsh, monitoring sites 1-10)

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GCE Publications and Presentations: (custom bibliography)

Conference Posters and Presentations

Hollibaugh, J.T., Liu, Q., Ross, M., Cheek, J., Sweeney, C., Tolar, B., Hagan, P., Whitby, H., Bratcher, A., Malagon, E., Lynn-Bell, N., Shalack, J., Reddy, C.M. and Walker, J.T. 2016. Poster: Coupling between Sediment and Water Column Populations of Ammonia Oxidizing Thaumarchaeota in a Salt Marsh Estuary.

Nahrawi, H.B., Leclerc, M.Y., Zhang, G., Pahari, R., Di Iorio, D., Alber, M., Sheldon, W.M. Jr. and Shalack, J. 2015. Poster: Influence of Daytime Tide Events on CO2 Exchange between Salt Marshes and the Atmosphere. Long-term Ecological Research All Scientist Meeting (LTER ASM), Aug 29 - Sept 3 2015, Estes Park, CO.

Shalack, J. and Bishop, T.D. 2004. Poster: Spatial and temporal variability in recruitment of decapod megalopae in the Duplin River, Georgia. Semiannual Meeting of the Southeastern Estuarine Research Society. Invertebrates - Poster Session. Southeastern Estuarine Research Society, 15-17 April 2004, Ft. Pierce, FL.


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