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Title Using drones for high spatial and temporal resolution - Long term observations
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This workshop will introduce researchers to the use of drones for imaging study sites and best practices for creating actionable products and time series. We will start with the basics: FAA licensing, flight training, and designing a mission plan. We will discuss avoiding common hazards such as adverse weather conditions and low flying aircraft. The workshop will cover the use of color and multi / hyperspectral imaging, including the use of ground control points for georeferencing and reflectance panels for image calibration. We will demonstrate software for creating orthomosaics of drone imagery and performing common classification techniques. Finally, we will discuss the scaling of this high-resolution imagery to space-borne remote sensing technologies.

Contributors Tom Bell, Max Castorani and John F. Schalles

Bell, T., Castorani, M. and Schalles, J.F. 2018. Presentation: Using drones for high spatial and temporal resolution - Long term observations. NSF LTER All Scientists Meeting, Wednesday, October 3, 2018, Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, CA.

Key Words drones, long term monitoring, remote sensing, SINERR Publication
File Date 2018
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