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Title ClimDB/HydroDB: A web harvester and data warehouse approach to building a cross-site climate and hydrology database
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Emerging environmental grand challenges demand new scientific approaches that require collaboration and integration of long-term, multi-site data across broad spatial and temporal scales. The LTER Network and USFS Experimental Forest Network sites collect extensive long-term ecological, climatological, and hydrological data. While many of the LTER and USFS databases are available on-line with adequate metadata, researchers find it problematic to locate, access, and assemble data from multiple sites. LTER and USFS Information Managers developed ClimDB/HydroDB ( as one approach to improving access to crosssite data. As information systems at LTER and USFS are geographically decentralized and autonomous, this approach relied upon scientific interest, organizational and personal commitment, and participation incentives to build this integrated, cross-site information product. ClimDB/HydroDB is a web harvester and data warehouse that provides uniform access to common daily streamflow and meteorological data through a single portal. Participating sites manage and control original source data within their local information systems, but routinely contribute data to the warehouse. This approach establishes service development at the central node, permitting rapid adaptation to changing needs, while maintaining low-overhead and technological neutrality for data providers. The ClimDB/HydroDB approach is an effective bridge technology between older, more rigid data distribution models and modern service-oriented architectures.

Contributors Donald L. Henshaw, Wade M. Sheldon, Suzanne M. Remillard and Kyle Kotwica

Henshaw, D.L., Sheldon, W.M. Jr., Remillard, S.M. and Kotwica, K. 2006. ClimDB/HydroDB: A web harvester and data warehouse approach to building a cross-site climate and hydrology database. In: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Hydroscience and Engineering (ICHE 2006). Michael Piasecki and College of Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA.

Key Words climate, ClimDB, Cross-site Research, database, HydroDB, hydrology, LTER-IMC, warehouse, web harvester
File Date 2006
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