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Title Systems Upgrade through Technology Transfer across LTERs: Who Benefits?
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In 2009, the Coweeta LTER site began planning a complete web and information system redesign. In an early preparatory step, John Chamblee (CWT IM) and Ted Gragson (CWT LPI), met with the Wade Sheldon (GCE Lead IM), to discuss potential use of GCE technology for this effort. Both CWT and GCE LTER sites are administered at the University of Georgia, and attempts to forge closer ties between CWT and GCE have been underway since GCE was first established in 2000. The need for a system upgrade presented a fresh opportunity to push the effort forward. After discussion and demos of GCE software, and with the approval of both project leaderships, we agreed to collaborate on adapting several GCE databases and web applications for Coweeta's use, as well as the GCE Data Toolbox software for processing Coweeta field data. Although work continues, initial products of this collaboration are now implemented on the new CWT website, unveiled in April 2011 (

Contributors John F. Chamblee and Wade M. Sheldon

Chamblee, J.F. and Sheldon, W.M. Jr. 2011. Systems Upgrade through Technology Transfer across LTERs: Who Benefits? In: LTER Databits - Information Management Newsletter of the Long Term Ecological Research Network: Spring 2011. Long Term Ecological Research Network, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Key Words collaboration, development, LTER-IMC, sharing, software, technology
File Date 2011
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