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Sampling Site Sapelo (Sapelo Island)

Site Description  

Name: Sapelo Island

Location: Sapelo Island, Georgia

Description: Sapelo Island on the Southeast Georgia Coast

Access Information: By boat from the Georgia mainland, and by boat or truck once on the island (Ownership: Georgia DNR, US Fish and Wildlife Service (Blackbeard Island), private landowners (Hog Hammock))

Vegetation: Salt marsh vegetation on the island exterior (dominated by Spartina alterniflora), transitioning to marsh meadow and maritime forest on the island interior

Site Map
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Site Geographic Description

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Rectangular Bounding Box Coordinates:

Corner Latitude, Longitude (deg)


31.380150, -81.307978
31.536369, -81.307978
31.536369, -81.176185
31.380150, -81.176185

Polygon Area:  10031 hectares

Polygon Center:  31.466456, -81.250623

Polygon Coordinates:

(not displayed)


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