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Meridian Landing/Hudson Creek Station


The Meridian Landing/Hudson Creek station is located at the DNR ferry landing in Meridian, Georgia, near the Sapelo Island Visitors Center and within the GCE4 sampling area.  This station is jointly funded by the USGS, the GCE LTER project and the SINERR program, and is operated by USGS as a real-time water data station (ID: USGS 022035975).

Data are provided to the GCE LTER program through a cooperative agreement with USGS, and processed near-real-time and historical data and plots are available to GCE participants and affiliates on the GCE Data Portal site.

Meteorological parameters USGS Hudson Creek/Meridian weather station
(photo courtesy of Wade Sheldon)
  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • air temperature
  • relative humidity
  • atmospheric (barometric) pressure
  • precipitation
Hydrological parameters
  • tide height
  • water temperature
  • conductivity
  • salinity
  • dissolved oxygen
  • pH
  • turbidity
Station Status
Geographic Coordinates
  • latitude: 31° 27' 12" N
  • longitude: 081° 21' 47" W

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