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Title Entity-relationship diagram for the GCE_Metabase2 Database
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This PDF file contains an annotated database schema image (entity-relationship diagram) for the refactored GCE Metadata Database (GCE_Metabase2) as implemented using SQL Server 2000. The diagram lists all tables and attributes as well as attribute data types and foreign key relationships between tables. This database is used to manage metadata for all GCE-LTER data sets as well as GCE personnel and tabular geographic information. This database can be queried on the WWW at

Contributor Wade Sheldon

Wade Sheldon. 2011. Entity-relationship diagram for the GCE_Metabase2 Database. Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER File Archive, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia. (

Key Words data catalog, database, documentation, entity relationship diagram, ERD, metadata
File Date Aug 19, 2011 (version 2)
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